Encourage transit-oriented development


Supporting transit and transit-oriented development yields benefits for the transportation system as a whole, for the environment, and for compact, walkable, mixed-use communities. The state’s department of transportation can give priority for funding to projects in existing nodes, designated growth centers, and transit-oriented development zones. Well-designed transit-oriented development can be a powerful engine for local growth and for maintaining and growing the local tax base.


State transportation departments can facilitate partnerships to develop and improve transit-oriented development in specific areas. Partnerships that include local officials, planners, and citizens will be most successful in ensuring that projects incorporate local visions for growth. Departments of transportation should also work with other state departments (e.g., budget, economic development, housing, etc.) to develop a program of direct support and investment in housing and job creation within transit-oriented districts. The support could come in the form of technical assistance or direct financial assistance with the development of street infrastructure in and around transit-oriented developments. Transportation funds can also be used to support housing near transit or employment centers.

Other specific state actions could include:


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