Develop a communications campaign to achieve the state's growth vision


To successfully implement a statewide growth management program, it is imperative that the Governor and his or her administration develop a communications campaign that explains the State's growth and development vision, principles and goals to the public and what will happen if the vision is not attained.


The Governor should direct the Office of Smart Growth, state planning office, or other appropriate agency, as well as his or her communications staff, to develop a carefully planned and comprehensive communications campaign focused on the state's growth vision and strategy. The campaign, which should be led by a designated communications director, must target the public, local government officials, and even state agency employees. A successful campaign will not only convince the public of the need for a new approach to development, but also of the ability and will of the state to transform the built environment for the betterment of the state's citizens. An important part of such a campaign is to identify and highlight local champions, especially local officials, as well as worthy models of action at the local level. This will position the overall effort so that it is not viewed as driven from the top down, but rather as an approach that is responding to local demand and which has local support.

A communications strategy should have the following elements:


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