Require state facilities to be located within designated growth areas and downtowns


It is important for states to lead by example. One way of doing this is for the Governor to establish a policy that requires all state offices to be located within existing and designated growth areas, such as downtowns, main street areas, and transit oriented developments, unless there is a justifiable reason for an exception. By locating state offices — both owned and leased — in existing and designated growth centers, or by not moving them out of those locations to begin with, the Governor can send a powerful signal about the importance of in-town locations and contribute to the resurgence of existing communities. Locating state offices within existing communities creates jobs, increases street activity, supports local businesses and can create a demand for in-town living. State investments in existing communities often trigger additional public and private investment.


The Governor could issue an executive order or convince the legislature to pass legislation establishing requirements and guidelines for the location of state facilities. These guidelines should:

Once established, guidelines should be integrated into the site selection process, including the evaluation of potential sites.


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