Align state programs with state development principles and goals


The Governor should task each state agency with aligning its programs with the state's development vision, principles, and goals (see Policies #2, Articulate a vision for how the state should grow; #3, Establish a set of state development principles; and #4, Establish a set of measurable state development goals in this section). In order to be successful, the state's development vision, principles, and goals must be institutionalized and implemented at every level within the state's agencies.


The Governor should require each state agency to conduct an evaluation of all its programs to determine if they are consistent with the state's development vision, principles, and goals. The analysis should review and propose changes to all actions — administrative, organizational, regulatory, budgetary, or statutory — that are affected by or that can be used to support the state's growth agenda. The results of the inventory and analysis should be used by each agency to develop an implementation plan that should set forth actions, create a schedule for undertaking actions, and propose measures to gauge the agency's progress toward achieving its growth-related goals. Each agency should be required to align all investments and regulatory actions to support the overarching mission.

The implementation strategy could be released publicly or used for internal purposes only. This effort could be coordinated by the state planning agency, Office of Smart Growth, or development sub-cabinet.


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